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1st April 2017


Welcome to our quarterly legal updates newsletter. We hope you enjoy the articles and find them useful and interesting.  If you'd like to talk further with us on any of the topics in Fineprint, or indeed on any legal matter, please be in touch.

 Autumn 2017 edition of Fineprint. Inside are these articles

  • How Private is Private When Taking Photos in a Public Place?
  • Rural Fires: Who is liable for the damage? 
  • Buying Off the Plans: The advantages, pitfalls and the Kawarau Falls case. The Kawarau Falls case was heard on appeal at the Supreme Court in early April, we will let you know the judges' decision when it's available. 
  • DIY at the Disputes Tribunal
  • Postscript: Minimum wage review 2017 - Retirement Villages Code of Practice update - Keeping your energy costs down

Summer 2016 edition of Fineprint. Inside are these articles:

  • Do all your Employees have Employment Agreements? And do they comply?
  • Letting your Holiday House: Make sure you know the rules
  • Why is there Name Suppression in Court?
  • Holiday Care Disputes Involving Children
  • Postscript: Knowing your credit score - New pool fending law comes into force on 1 January 2017

Winter 2016 edition of Fineprint. Inside there are articles on:

  • Protecting the elderly: Using an enduring power of attorney
  • Easements: You want to do what on my land?
  • Ni Hao: Doing business with Chinese investors
  • Drinking and driving - don't do it
  • Postscript: 
    -     Proposed business tax changes
    -     Smoke alarms and insulation are now required for rental properties
    -     Health & safety conference in September

Autumn 2016 edition of Fineprint.

  • Protecting Shareholder Advances and Guarantees
  • Changing Landscape in the Workplace: New health and safety legislation comes into force in early April
  • Are We in a De Facto Relationship?: There could be significant financial implications if you separate, or if you or your partner dies
  • Cyberbullying - stopping the trolls
  • Postscript: Computer virus scams - Getting organised for a new employee

Summer 2015 edition of Fineprint

  • Legal Health Check for Businesses: It's essential for your business to be compliant
  • Getting your Personal Affairs in Order
  • Teenagers and Alcohol
  • Ensuring Sufficient Feed for Stock When Buying a Farm
  • Postscript: Signfiicant changes ahead in construction industry - Exchanging gifts - Be safe this summer when you're in the water 

Winter 2015 edition of Fineprint

  • Developing an Intellectual Property Strategy: An integral part of your business strategy
  • Rural Fires - who is liable?
  • Ending Marriages of Short Duration: "I give this marriage a year"
  • Reading of the Will': Busting some of the myths regarding Wills
  • Postscript: - Select Committee's recommendations on Health and Safety Reform Bill further delayed
                      - Better online support for youth mental health
                      - New tenancy website launched

 Autumn 2015 edition of Fineprint

  • 40 Business Tips for Every Small and Medium Enterprise: Keeping your business in tip-top condition
  • The Rural Lease: It's not just another piece of paper
  • Helping your Children into their First Home: Mitigating your risk if their relationship breaks up
  • "Who Let the Dogs Out?"
  • Postscript: Parental leave changes - Debt collectors will now need a licence - Tradies win in 'claw-back' case

Summer 2014-2015 edition of Fineprint

  • The Health and Safety Reform Bill: Be prepared early for significant changes
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Good Fences: Significant responsibilities for rural landowners
  • Family Dispute Resolution: A new service to help families in conflict
  • Postscript: 90-day trial period - New drink driving laws introduced in time for Christmas - Relationship property update

Winter 2014 edition of Fineprint

  • Satisfying Conditions in Agreement for Sale and Purchase: Must use your best endeavours to satisfy
  • Criminal Sanctions for Those Involved in Cartels: Proposed changes beef up the Crodommerce Act 1986
  • Farm Succession Planning: What's important? Is it the family or the farm?
  • Careful Planning Needed for Blended Families
  • Postscript: Locate cables before you dig - Planning to go into business? - Get yourself a head start on health and safety

Autumn 2014 edition of Fineprint

  • Major Revamp of Consumer Law: Implications for your business
  • The Dismissal Process: Getting it right and being fair
  • The Perils of Effluent Discharge: Sorting out the muck in the air
  • Relationship Property Developments
  • Postscript: Latest IRD phishing scam - Helping prevent workplace bullying

Summer 2013-2014 edition of Fineprint 

  • Sources of Cash for Business: Evaluating what best suits your business needs
  • The New Patents Act: How it could affect your business
  • Door-to-Door Salespeople: Protecting yourself
  • Animal Welfare: Caring for your herd or your family pet
  • Postscript: Employment law update - New tax deduction law for bach owners - Trust law to be overhauled

Winter 2013 issue of Fineprint.

  • Getting Your Affairs in Order: A current Will is just the beginning
  • Anti-Money Laundering Legislation Now in Force
  • Relationship Property: Without being complicated
  • Greener Pastures: The liability of wandering stock
  • Guarantees: Assuming the risk
  • Postscript: Comfort for parents with intellectually disabled children - Don't even touch your mobile when you're driving - Snow days

Autumn 2013 issue of Fineprint

  • New ADLS Commercial Lease: How will the new ADLS lease form affect landlords and tenants?
  • Healthcare Directives: Making your wishes count when you need it
  • Is the Concept of the 'Vulnerable Worker' Becoming Redundant? Proposed amendments to Employment Relations Act
  • Put the Deal in Writing: Getting what you expect
  • Postscript: New telephone service for the hearing impaired - Do's and Don'ts of daily deals

If you'd like to know more about any of these topics - or indeed any other legal matter - please don't hesitate to be in touch with us.