Trust eSpeaking

Posted on 23/09/2016 by Woodward Chrisp

Today we've published the Spring edition of Trust eSpeaking;

  • Beneficiaries' entitlement to trust information: A frustration for trustees
  • Trusts under attack by former spouses and partners: Trustees need to be cautious
  • Foreign trusts: Tightening up the rules

Autumn 2016 edition of Trust eSpeaking

  • Increase in Claims on Estates: How you can help avoid a claim on your own estate
  • Your Will: Who pays for your funeral?
  • Parallel Trusts: Could be the best option for you

Spring 2015 edition of Trust eSpeaking.

  • Should you change your trustees? Always good to review
  • Worthy causes: Will your charitable donations reach the right people?
  • Trusts Update: A trust will need to have an IRD number to buy and sell residential property from 1 October 2015 - Companies acting as corporate trustees: 28 October is a critical date - Complying trusts

Spring 2014 edition of Trust eSpeaking.

  • Dying without a Will? Messy, expensive and time-consuming
  • Common Intention Constructive Trusts: The new weapon of trust law?
  • Importance of an 'Independent Trustee': Reduces risk 

Summer-Autumn 2014 edition of Trust eSpeaking. 

  • Risks for Trustees: Health and safety, and other laws, can affect trustees
  • When a Trustee Loses Capacity: Removing and replacing incapacitated trustees
  • Looking into the Election Crystal Ball: A change in government may have implications for your trust 

Autumn 2013 edition of Trust eSpeaking.  In this issue we have articles on:

  • Trust and Avoidance of Rest Home Fees: all quite tricky
  • Right to Decide About Funeral and Burial: still some uncertainties
  • Law Commission's Key Proposals for New Trust Legislation 

If you'd like to talk more on any of these topics, or indeed any other legal issue, please don't hesitate to contact us.