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Posted on 13/06/2017 by Woodward Chrisp

Welcome to our business focussed e-newsletter, Commercial eSpeaking.  We hope you find the articles both interesting and useful to your business.

Winter 2017

• Budget 2017 - an overview
• Shareholders' Agreements: Relationship property for companies
• Business Briefs:
            - It will all come out in the wash: non-compliance with minimum employment standards
            - Further Takeovers Code relief on the way for small companies
            - Employee share schemes, your time is up


Summer 2017


  • What to do When the Earth has Moved - we provide some points to keep in mind if you own, or are a tenant in, a commercial building affected by earthquake damage
  • Greater Focus on Lender Responsibility for Consumer Credit: Changes to the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003
  • Overseas Investment Office makes changes to streamline the investment and consent process. The new class exemptions come into force on 1 February
  • Limited partnerships become popular

Spring 2016 edition of Commercial eSpeaking;


  • Important changes in construction law now in force
  • Directors' duties - how far is far enough?
  • Business Briefs:
    • Alert: Put a start date on your employment contracts
    • Employee share scheme tax update
    • An unsettling agreement - employees can bring a claim for breach of minimum entitlements even after signing a settlement agreement
    • When does a director 'live in New Zealand'?

Winter 2016 edition of Commercial eSpeaking
Inside :

  • Do you really need all that paper? Sometimes you do
  • Who'd be in business? Other options if your business is shaky
  • Business Briefs:
    • The 'tail' of two crocodiles
    • Business tax proposals announced
    • Attempts to structure around the Overseas Investment Act proves costly

Summer 2016 edition Commercial eSpeaking

  • Creditors of Insolvent Companies: The Fences & Kerbs case may help you
  • New Health and Safety at Work Act 2015: Significant changes for organisations with volunteers
  • Business Briefs:
    • Employment law changes: are you up-to-date?
    • Update on financial markets overhaul
    • Incorporated societies reform ahead

Spring 2015 edition Commercial eSpeaking

  • Changes to Health and Safety Law are on Their Way
  • Business Interruption Insurance: Make sure you have a well thought-out policy
  • Business Briefs: -  Zero hours contracts - new legislation introduced -  Red-zoned earthquake claimants entitled to more -  Cheaper capital raising ahead for small code companies

Winter 2015 edition Commercial eSpeaking. 


  • Terms of Trade: Ensure your Terms are robust
  • Budget 2015: Introduction of the 'Bright Line' Test for Property Investors
  • Business Briefs: New avenue for capital raising: small offers exclusion - Cooking up a storm: the zero hours contracts debate
     - Parent company liable for debt of subsidiary company in liquidation

Summer 2015 edition of Commercial eSpeaking
Inside are the following articles:

  • New Legislation for Builders: More transparency for customers
  • Guarantees: Assuming the risk
  • Business Briefs: 
    • Financial markets overhaul complete
    • Important employment law changes come into force on 6 March
    • Competition law reform: new exemption for 'collaborative activity'

Spring 2014 edition of Commercial eSpeaking

  • Construction Contracts Act 2002: Making sure you get paid, and on time
  • Buying Into an Existing Business: Getting value for money
  • Business Briefs: 
    • Unfair contract terms
    • Three fundamentals for a successful joint venture
    • Health and safety reform - increased obligations for directors and managers

Summer 2014 edition of Commercial eSpeaking
Inside are articles:

  • Voidable Transactions: Can be a significant risk for businesses
  • A Boost to Employee Share Offers and Capital Raising
  • Business Briefs: New Zealand company business numbers - Director residency requirements - So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye! Getting staff resignations right 

Autumn/Winter 2013 edition of Commercial eSpeaking
In this issue we have articles on:

  • E-Commerce Contracts: Making Sure they're Valid
  • Powers of Attorney: Not as powerful in business as imagined
  • Business Briefs: Further changes Ahead for the Employment Relations Act 2000..., Employee's Facebook fallacy

Summer 2013 edition of Commercial eSpeaking
In this issue we have articles on:

  • Managing email, Internet and Social Media: IT policies for your business
  • Anti-Money Laundering Deadline Looms: Five months remain to get organised
  • Business Briefs: Employment Relations Amendment Bill, Consumer Law Reform Bill, Misconduct Outside the Workplace - it's not Hallwright

Winter 2012 edition of Commercial eSpeaking

  • Using Intellectual Property to Sustain your Business: IP can open new markets and develop new revenue streams
  • Recent Changes to the Credit Reporting System: Your repayment history information can now be shared
  • Business Briefs:
    • Consumer Law Reform Bill update
    • ‘Would’ v ‘Could’
    • Why the concept of traditional gifting should not be easily dismissed