About Us

At Woodward Chrisp we undertake to:

  • Deliver excellent work to client timeframes.
  • Understand our clients.  Respond to their needs.
  • Solve client problems simply and cost effectively. Provide practical and succinct advice.
  • Ensure our work product and practices are of the highest professional standard.
  • Ask for client feedback to learn what we do well and what we can do better.
  • Be professional and ethical.
  • Create an environment of continuous improvement.
  • Care for and advance the interests of staff and partners through a commitment to skill development, team work and relationship building.
  • Respect the diverse contributions our people make to the firm and wider community.
  • Provide an appropriate work/life balance for staff and partners.
  • Take advantage of technology.
  • Operate in an environmentally sustainable manner.
  • Be a good corporate citizen.
  • Take pride in our work and our firm.